The Hutts Want to Take Your Weapons and Repeal 2A

Hollywood elitist Hutts, Michael Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, protected by high walls/fences, hi-tech security systems around their home(s), have ARMED bodyguards and security but are AGAINST Americans right to self-protection are calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment and gun confiscation.

Frankly I’d like to see the bill to repeal 2A brought to the Senate and House floors for a vote once and for all BEFORE the midterm election or 2024 general election. Let’s get all these bastards in DC on official record where they stand on our right to defend ourselves. And NO, if it did pass there’s no way three-fourths of the State legislatures would ever pass it so don’t worry.

The BEAST from the View doesn’t even know what its talking about. This is typical of these unhinged privileged progressive monsters, they spew lies over and over again to their mindless audience brainwashing them that in itself will cause more problems and conflict. It’s almost like they want an armed conflict at this point – these igits really think when SHTF and the dust settles they’ll be standing on the rubble victorious! Seriously the people who hate guns, don’t know which pronoun or bathroom to use, and whine having to do anything physical think they’d win!
Anyway this Fat Fuck (Im done posting “clean” content on MY OWN SITE) KAREN wants people to rat they neighbors out too, if they think the neighbor has too large of an arsenal especially AR-15’s because according to this human piece of shit the Founders never intended people to have weapons like that! I already addressed this here about the old fool saying 2A isn’t absolute.

Take note not one of these bastards says a word about the weekly violence and death in Baltimore or Chicago, whose crime stats each month are far worse than a shooting at a school or supermarket! This alone shows their hypocrisy.

Make no mistake these monsters who write big checks to the degenerates in DC are going to do their best to see more useless gun laws passed to punish you and enable criminals, terrorists and evildoers. That shouldn’t be a surprise since they’ve elected District Attorneys who cut monsters loose from jail or don’t even prosecute them, allowing them to terrorize Americans.

These people are beyond dangerous, and at the rate they’re going civil war 2 will be here before we know it!