Here Are the Places Democrats Are Fine With Security EXCEPT Schools!

Another tragedy unfolds in America because of some violent unhinged psychopath targeting the innocent, in a gun-free zone left defenseless. It would appear there are armed guards everywhere, some we see some we don’t. The Left is adamant we need more gun control because apparently criminals, evil doers (incl mentally ill w/violent tendencies) and terrorists follow the law! Next time you’re out and about try to be a little bit more aware of your surroundings to take note of the number of security guards and police at the places you frequent. Now granted some will argue, “I didn’t see any”, which may very well be true in some instances. But the list (not limited) below is fact…

Amusement Parks
Banks – (also armored transport services)
Casinos/ Hotels
High-end Jewelry Stores
Malls/ Shopping Ctrs
Office Buildings
News/ Radio/ TV & Movie Studios
Private Communities – (upper scale homes, condos, apartments)
Shipping Ports
Sports/ Entertainment venues (Super Bowl looked like they had more firepower than Secret Service has for POTUS)
State and Federal Buildings
Washington DC*
Wall Street*
(*both of these are like fortresses with hidden barriers, armed security everywhere)

… and in some cases there very well may be armed security where you are that just do a good job of concealing themselves (plain clothes).

Now there are 2 things many would like answers on:

First – Why is it democrats are fine with protecting their money, places they work at and stuff but will go absolutely apeshit if you want to have armed security in a school where our most precious, priceless, treasures go everyday?

Second and this is a sincere question – Liberals please explain why you think criminals, terrorists and evil doers (incl mentally ill w/violent tendencies) will comply if you got your way with the strictest of gun control laws passed and enacted, if not total confiscation? What have these people done in their lives of crime and terror to indicate they’ll stop using weapons if another law is passed or weapons confiscated? What makes you think if you take the guns away today they won’t be using a vehicle or pressure cooker tomorrow?!?

While these recent mass shootings are beyond terrible, the level of violence and death in Chicago each week..month dwarfs todays headlines!