WARNING: Pelosi & Jeffries ‘CONFIDENT’ Democrats Will Hold Majority in Midterms

May 19th Pelosi used the same over confident language that democrats will hold majority for the coming midterms like she did in 2020 when she stated unequivocally Donald Trump would NOT be re-elected.

Yes you heard right she also praised the old kook, but forget that this is about the midterms.

Three days later dem Rep Hakeem Jeffries used similar language, ‘very confident’ democrats will win in Nov.

So what’s the WARNING? Pelosi KNOWS, just like she KNEW in 2020 that progs are going to steal the election, thats why she is running again. She was confident Trump wouldn’t win in 2016..

..the problem there was progs DID NOT expect the massive voter turnout so their little cheat machine didn’t work. No problem they fixed it resulting in the old guy getting more votes than obama!? I don’t think so. Jeffires’ statement confirms, to me at least dunno about the rest of you, that they’re going to do it again! And why shouldn’t they?! The GOP has done NOTHING to prevent a repeat of 2020, the same people are running the election system and counting ballots. Hell, the PA Senate primary between Dr Oz and Dave McCormick is proof!

A LOT of dem seats, approx 30, are being vacated because things are so bad many don’t think they can win leaving the race wide open. These seats all should flip to republicans/ conservatives, but we live in the age of “anything” can happen, especially when progressives control counting ballots.

When dems win don’t be surprised, be mad at the GOP for doing nothing to get control over the election system, and come to terms the USA is in fact a banana republic because NO ONE will do anything outside of ranting on social media.