Interior Sec Plays Dumb When Confronted On Memo Released During Hearing to Shut Down Oil Drilling

Americans are getting hammered at the pump as the price of gas continues to climb that will cost avg Americans an extra $5000…. Americans who surely have NOT gotten $5K raises! So naturally the illegitimate regimes response to rising gas prices is to release more oil from the strategic reserve, leaving us vulnerable should a true crisis/emergency arise. But it gets better, during the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing Sen Manchin started his time calling out the Interior Dept Sec, Deb Haaland, for releasing a memo that will cancel oil drilling leases!

Haaland of course played dumb stalling as her aides drop notes in front of her on what to say to get out of it…

These monsters think with enough pain at the pump and no supply we’ll all go along with their Green New Deal. Understand this clearly, THERE IS NO PLAN, NO SCIENCE, NO NEW TECHNOLOGY to replace our current sources of energy. If fossil fuels are gone tomorrow we will all be in the dark. Solar and wind power CANNOT meet current energy needs – if half the vehicles in America were replaced with electric vehicles there would be blackouts the moment they’re all plugged in! Without power there is NO refrigeration which kinda matters in preserving food, medicine, LIFE, there will be NO food production, no production for just about anything which will result in people dying!

When this site labels these climate change people as a death cult, thats not being said facetiously, it’s dead serious. These monsters are prepared to take us to war and leave us in the dark to die over their sick twisted fantasy of getting rid of fossil fuels. A plan mind you other industrialized countries are not being pressured to adopt. The Chinese, India, Russia couldn’t careless about any of this.

DO NOT blame biden for this either, nor his handlers obama-jarrett-rice. BLAME YOUR family, friends, co-workers, neighbors who voted for democrats and against Trump – THEY DID THIS.