Kari Lake Just Destroyed Bret Baier

AZ gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake appeared on Special Report with Bret Baier where she addressed the recent Roe ruling, called the old guy an illegitimate potus and gave a general outline of her plans to deploy troops to the border, stop illegals from coming into America and finish the border wall. Lake also vowed to get to the bottom of the 2020 election steal where Baier went into attack mode, clearly planned, in an attempt to delegitimize her.

If you’ve seen vids of Lake you know she has the skill to set people straight and she did that with this TOOL of the GOP establishment.

Look at him, shuffling papers, making excuses, Lake destroyed him!

Kari has the makings of a great leader, time will tell but I think we may see big things from her. BUT she first has to get elected in a state whose election system we know is incredibly corrupt so hate to say it her election is a long-shot only because progressives will gladly screw her knowing she’s coming after them.

AZ voters it’s on you to make sure she gets elected, by doing whatever you can besides voting – get involved with the election volunteer get as many eyes on the progs as possible. If not you only have yourselves to blame if she loses.