AOC: “Our Constitutional Duty” To “Reign” In & Impeach Supreme Court Justices

Every single time SCOTUS makes a ruling unhinged, vile, violent Leftists don’t like they immediately want to remove the Justices who voted against their position or disband the court all together. AOC and her ilk are upset because the Court ruled that the govt has overstepped it’s authority.

Progressives use the courts to advance their agenda when they know they can’t get a law through where they staff courts with radical who will rule int their favor. Now that SCOTUS has Justices who will do their job and rule on the Constitutionality of the cases in front of them vs their feelings decisions are coming out against them. Like spoiled children who don’t get their way, AOC and co want SCOTUS reigned in, and feel it’s their duty to impeach the non-activist Justices.

Yes, to this living breathing demon the Justices doing their job to make Congress and the States do their job is an impeachable offense.

And take note of the language these monsters are using, calling SCOTUS illegitimate, while also calling for an end to the filibuster.
Theyre telling you what their next objective is:
End the filibuster and stack the court with activists, NOT judges.

Elections have consequences, folks better get involved and put eyes everywhere this election season. These monsters are going to do everything possible to do a repeat of 2020 to hold power and make these threats a reality.