WH Advisor Claims Biden Acted “Fast” On Inflation, Supply Chain Crises

WH advisor Gene Sperling responded to the recent poor economic reports with record level inflation pointing finger of blame at the bug and Putin while claiming the illegitimate individual “was on it fast with a supply chain task force”.

If that were true why the high prices? Why is there a shortage on baby formula? Fact is a lot of this is tied to fuel prices… FOSSIL fuel prices, that this regime wants to wipe out with nothing to replace it. It’s all by design to put Americans in so much pain we’ll just accept their solution, Green New Deal, and anti-capitalism policies. They want govt to control it all, it’s the China model so they can dictate every single thing you do in your life….

Who’s design?


ALL OF THIS matches 0’s M.O., joe IS NOT and WAS NEVER smart enough to do this kind of destru…. FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of the USA.

Instructions for what to do about all of this is in the Declaration of Independence, problem is NO ONE that’s bitching has the balls to take action. And the progressives have made sure to send a clear message if you get out of line your life will be turned upside down, canceled and jailed (ex J6 protestors).