Sen Hirono Claims It’s Ridiculous SCOTUS Justices Pretend They Know What Founding Fathers Meant

Mazie Hirono continues to demonstrate she is one of the DUMBEST people to ever serve in the US Senate. During the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Legal Consequences of the Dobbs Decision she stated SCOTUS Originalist Justices ‘who take that approach go all the way back to our Founding Fathers and pretend that they know what our Founding Fathers meant when they drafted the Constitution. I use the word pretend because who the heck would know what our Founding Fathers meant?’

Do the words The Federalist Papers ring a bell??
Through these documents we know what Founding Fathers intended and meant when they drafted the Constitution.

This living breathing demon proves she has NO BUSINESS serving in the US Senate, and really SHAME on every single person who voted for this monster. We can’t blame her for being an idiot, but we can blame the IDIOTS, who bitch and moan about all the bad things going on in this country this demon played a role in making happen, that put her in power.