Rep Omar: It’s Common Sense To Pack The Supreme Court

Senior Squad member, CAIR Operative and anti-American, ilhan omar wants to see the Supreme Court packed with radicals because the court is doing the job they were hired to do for once. They’re ruling on the Constitutionality of the cases before them vs their feels….

The moment any govt entity or agency doesn’t do what the Left wants they want it eliminated or loaded with radicals. They are in fact that petulant child on the playground who doesn’t get their way and changes the rules of the game in the middle of play.

It’s far worse with the Left because every single time they get their way they destroy more of this country – then again that is their end goal the systematic destruction of America.

People need to tell these monsters to GFYS and to say the same to friends, co-workers, neighbors AND family who enable/elected them! Yea, the truth is you can’t blame Omar for being a monster, blame the BASTARDS who empowered her… empowered biden, they did this not the loser politician!

Good luck in the midterms folks the GOP has done nothing to prevent a repeat of the 2020 election and frankly it’s on voters for not pressuring them to do anything about it.