Klobuchar Thinks Voting For Dems Will Somehow Stop Hurricanes

Dems delusions of grandeur and desperation are at all time highs. They truly believe humans who equate to a spec of dust in the life of this planet that has been bombarded by meteors, asteroids, plagues famine etc have the power to change the climate.

Here is the shameful, vile Sen Amy Klobuchar telling Morning Jack Ass “We just did something about climate change for the first time in decades, that’s why we [dems] gotta win this as that hurricane bears down on Florida.”

Nothing these fools do is going to stop the weather.
This planet goes through hot and cold cycles all the time over long periods of time. If you want to have fun with them ask them what the temperature, humidity, and precipitation should be ‘today’? They won’t be able to answer. Then ask them to explain the climate that took place 150-200+++ yrs ago to cause all the hurricanes, blizzards that have taken place!

Climate changers are cult.. a death cult because if they get their way millions will die! You can disagree but if their policies are fully implemented there won’t be enough power to run food processing plants, farm equipment, trucks, ships, not enough power to heating and cooling as th Left always reminds us of the people who have died in sever heat and cold, and let’s not forget the power won’t exist to run refrigeration for food to MEDICINE!

Got it?

If they get their way to pull fossil fuels there won’t be enough power to sustain our current population. This is a fact since solar and wind CANNOT meet current needs, just look at California, and there is NO NEW energy tech coming out – no dilithium crystals, capacitance gel, Mr Fusion etc.

Anyone who votes dems is an enemy of the people.