Biden Advisor: MAGA Agenda Will Destroy the USA

The Left is losing their minds bending over backwards now to paint conservatives/MAGA as some radical movement that is a threat to “democracy” and will “essentially destroy the United States of America”.

That’s right all you people who support the free speech, right to protect yourself, family and property, Constitution, want fiscal responsibility, want to stop the lawlessness we’re seeing in towns and cities, a secure border, children not exploited and groomed for degenerate lifestyle while being taught to hate this country etc etc you are all a threat to “democracy”.

How dare you all want to stop the new Red Hoard!

Everything the Left is DOING to this country they’re accusing the Right of. So naturally they will use fear mongering to stay in power.

FTR: The American system of government is constitutional democratically elected REPUBLIC, in other words we are governed by rules and laws, NOT mob rule (aka democracy).

Oldie but a goodie…