Stacey Abrams: Baby Heartbeat At Six Weeks “Manufactured Sound”

Stacey Abrams, an individual who has really done nothing but has the power to control GA’s governor and state AG continues to push lies and misinformation, widening the division between Americans. In this clip, defending the right to kill an unborn baby at any age, this living breathing demon said the heartbeat detected by ultrasound on 6 week old babies “is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

So the ultrasound machines are capable of selectively creating audio and video on the fly so men can control a womans body!

This MONSTER doesn’t hold a PhD in any science, nor posses any certification running medical diagnostic equipment, but can boldly state an outright lie and be praised by Leftists. Abrams is by far one of the most evil corrupt progressives to walk the Earth. WHY she has all the power she has to date is a complete mystery, but it continues and she is now planting the seed of doubt for the unhinged rabid Leftists, who have already lost it over Roe being sent back to the states, to challenge any abortion legislation. It doesn’t matter that what she said is a lie, the Left will run with it to justify abortion at any age because they always get what they want or they destroy everything in their path.

What is it with Leftist’s obsession with abortion? One thing is for sure it, among their other policies, proves they are a death cult.

These living breathing demons must be stopped.