Biden: We Can’t Send Illegals Back Home

The illegitimate individual occupying the WH told a pack of lies AGAIN today. In this clip 0bama’s puppet was called out on the border invasion, that numbers under his reign of terror are the highest ever. The puppet claimed the circumstances are totally different, because illegals are coming from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua where the US govt doesn’t have the ability to send them back!?

Illegals are coming from 140 countries via those above and they’re traveling through Mexico and Central America, whose people ARE coming to the US illegally as well. He can send them all back, right back across the border, making them, all 4M or whatever the astronomical number is under his watch, Mexico’s problem! THEY are allowing illegals to enter their country to violate America’s sovereignty! Send illegals back over the border to Mexico and make them deal with these uneducated, unskilled leeches. Oh and we can’t forget the tens of thousands of criminals coming through not to mention three times the normal number of those on terror watchlist coming through(the ones that got caught, who knows how many terrorists are here in cells planning attacks).

FYI, Mexico’s immigration laws are more strict than the U.S., so it’s clear they’re violating it to FUCK US OVER! Mexico IS NOT America’s ally, they are a Norco state hell-bent on wrecking our country for money with China’s help.

This old kook knows the score he doesn’t care because it’s all about changing America’s demographics that WILL lead to one party, democrat, rule as this site has been warning for years. They ARE California-ing America at an accelerated rate now – you can thank the USELESS GOP for that.

Buy guns, mags and ammo.