Rubio Staffer Viciously, VIOLENTLY Attacked

A Marco Rubio campaign staffer, wearing a Rubio t-shirt and Gov Desantis hat, “suffered internal bleeding, a broken jaw & will need facial reconstructive surgery” by the hands of a Javier Lopez who allegedly said “you can’t pass by here, this is my neighborhood,” the staffer continued on and this MONSTER proceeded to beat the guy viciously because DEMOCRATS are violent, vicious, insanely RABID and UNHINGED. NO conservative or republican would ever do this, so the LE claiming this is not politically motivated is full of shit!

Let me be clear when I say DEMOCRATS, I mean ALL OF THEM, regardless of age and gender. THIS INCLUDES YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, co-workers or anyone you know who is a dem. They have this much evil flowing through them, NO ONE cares “how nice” they are to you, they’re no different from the neighborhood dog that is labeled “nice and friendly” that tore a kid apart for no reason! This kind of rage and hate is in ALL of them.

YOU NEVER hear stories about dems getting practically beaten to death by republicans let alone Trump supporters and yet WE are labeled terrorists by the puppet POTUS, CORRUPT Atty General and others in govt, media etc.

This is yet another example why you MUST get self defense training, and for those who have the legal right, carry a weapon.

The Left is out for blood, or is this not enough to convince some of you who still insist on turning the other cheek?