Abrams: Abortion Helps Cuts Back on Inflation

Stacey Abrams is the face and voice of the entire democrat party. She like her entire party, including any dem in your family to DC, is OBSESSED with abortion and here she is trying to rationalize the need to kill an unborn baby, at any age, because it will help cut back on inflation!

Here’s a thought for those of you who feel strongly about the “right” (it’s not and NEVER was) to abort the unborn:

CLOSE YOUR LEGS, STOP having unprotected sex where you’re using abortion as some sick form of contraception!

It’s disgusting that abortion is the hill ALL demoncrats are prepared to defend and die over. Not energy independence, helping the mentally ill (esp those on the streets), law and order, keeping America safe, stopping drugs coming across the border, etc etc.

You degenerates care more about aborting a baby up to full term than taking care of your fellow man, and you find ways to defend it like this VILE BEAST Abrams claiming it will help cut inflation.

This country needs a serious reset… CW2 coming soon.