DHS Recruiting Volunteers To Do Chores For Illegals

This corrupt govt is not only leaving the border wide open but now they’re looking for volunteers to do chores for illegals.

Yep, this govt is catering to illegals while American’s can’t afford price of food and fuel as inflation is skyrocketing. Progressives running the US hate each and every one of you, and are using illegals to gain permanent power and control.

For the record every single person helping illegals enter this country and give them any kind of aid is breaking multiple federal immigration laws. This govt is blatantly breaking the law now, and throwing it in YOUR face, because they know you won’t do a damn thing about it.

I’m again warning everyone that the master plan is to do the entire country what was done to California, that produced permanent one party rule.

Illegals “vote” in two ways:
The first, let’s get it out of the way, illegals in some cases literally vote, illegally, in US elections with fake identification or pretending to be registered voters in states that DO NOT check ID’s. It’s not as prevalent as many make it.

The second way they vote happens on a large scale is by their very presence in the US. They conveniently live in democrat strongholds, get counted in the Census (not supposed to be but are) where the district they live is divided because of the population increase, so now you’ll have two districts that heavily lean democrat, and you end up with an addition democrat Congressional Representative. This is EXACTLY what happened in California, and it really blew up after progressives fooled Reagan to sign the 1986 amnesty bill – kinda like how progs are still pushing for “comprehensive immigration reform” aka amnesty, where the massive increase in illegals will help their push to make it happen.

Got it?

Do you understand why the border is wide open now?