AOC Gets Destroyed At Town Hall

There is nothing better than watching Leftists destroy each other, especially when it’s a member of Congress getting humiliated by her own constituents!

During a town hall two men interrupted senior Squad member AOC and proceeded to call her out for being two-faced, a warmonger supporting the money laundering war of Ukraine vs Russia, and a stooge of DC after she campaigned to be the an outsider standing for the people.

The little witch refused to answer these two stating “I won’t answer you because you are being very rude!”. Keep in mind this is the same AOC who said “the whole point of protesting is to make people uncomfortable”

By the way NO ONE showed up for this town hall, but the demon will probably still win in Nov against Tina Forte because voters ARE STUPID, who want someone to tell them what to do, and will vote for those who screw them over. AND because progressives still control the election system & counting ballots, no thanks to the DO NOTHING GOP who’ve taken NO ACTION to prevent a repeat of 2020 steal.