Pfizer Exec Admits Vạccỉnẹ Never Tested to Prevent Transmission

EVERYTHING people were censored if not canceled over for opposing and speaking out against the bug vạccỉnẹ are being proven to be true.

Many, including yours truly, warned that it was dangerous to take just over the fact of lack of testing. Case in point Zantac went through R&D starting back in 1983, then clinical testing to where it became prescription and its use was so prevalent it was made available for over-the-counter use. Decades later the drug has been found as a cause for all types of cancer, and there are commercials for class action lawsuits. Now this is a drug that went through LONG TERM testing and now almost 40 years later it turns out it’s bad.

In general it takes at minimum 3-5yrs (if not longer) to get the data needed for FDA approval. The bug vạccỉnẹ was barely tested in general in less than year.

It turns out the vạccỉnẹ wasn’t even tested whether it would prevent transmission as admitted by Pfizer Exec Janine Small.

Wasn’t that the point behind FORCING people get multiple jabs, and silencing many of us. If you get it you won’t get the bug and won’t give it to others!

There’s more coming out about the shots, where people are coincidently having heart conditions, strange skin reactions, other health conditions and in some cases sadly dropping dead, where some coroners are sharing reports of massive clots being found in people who were relatively healthy.

When do we get to hold those who censored and canceled people over all of this, not to mention forced people to get the shot responsible?

The SOB’s behind all of this should face the hangman or a firing squad. No I’m not kidding, the violations criminal actions conducted against people was over this bug was breathtaking. Those responsible don’t deserve the luxury of rotting in a cell.