Harris Accuses GOP Govs Of “Dereliction Of Duty” For Sending Illegals To Her Home

The harlot is making the rounds again running to late night tv, no one watches, whining about GOP governors busing illegals to her home, accusing them of “dereliction of duty”!

According to this idiot its dereliction of duty to bus illegals around but not leaving the border wide open! And why should it, you see as border czar she’s making sure NO ONE interferes with progressives plan to California the entire US, it’s going along smoothly soon “red states” will be purple and then PERMANENTLY blue.

You see illegals “vote” (some also literally vote illegally too, but thats a discussion for another day) by their very presence as they change the population count/ demographics where conveniently democrat districts get a little too big they have to be split into two, and instead of having one democrat Representative in Congress you get two. And that’s how it happens, it’s exactly what happened in California, which under permanent one party rule and it’s happening to the entire United States.

Surely none of you really think she was ever going to do anything to stop the flow of undocumented progressive voters!?

The immigration system was “broken” by progressives who REFUSE to enforce our immigration laws. They’ll flood the country with illegals to get their “immigration reform” which is nothing but amnesty for MILLIONS of illegals who are here.

Wanna blame someone for this mess, blame the GOP in DC for doing NOTHING to stop the invasion. If the tables were reversed the Dems, as a minority, would be doing everything in their power to stop the GOP from this achieving their agenda and they would stop them! The GOP acts like they can’t do anything while always halfway in their hiding place over fears of being called names and demonized by the dems. Fact is they’re spineless, and their fear empowers the dems to destroy this country.

BOTH parties are our problem.