Sanctuary City Mayor Whines About Immigrant Crisis, Declares State of Emergency

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is having a bit of a meltdown because of the illegal aliens being bused and flown in from red states, that are overwhelmed because of Biden’s illegal open borders policy. He declared a State of Emergency for the very same city that he and his predecessor declared is a sanctuary city!

Adams seems to forget that the Internet is forever, where just a year ago he stated:

He was all in favor of illegals, and NYC being a sanctuary city, to get votes to be elected mayor, but now that illegals are flowing in taxing NYC’s systems it’s a problem. Adams like all progressives is a raging hypocrite, they’re fine with illegals coming into the US so long as they’re not setting up camp in prog’s backyard.

These people need to be called out for their hypocrisy, and if they want an out, then they must declare sanctuary city policy is over, illegals should be deported and demand the border be secured.