Allen West Blasts Black Lib Leaders For Being Silent Over Alan Grayson Email Equating the TEA Party to KKK

Kudos to Allen West for calling out so-called black leaders for being completely silent over Rep Alan Grayson’s email using a burning cross as the letter “T” to spell out TEA Party in a promotional email.

The race hustlers Jackson, Sharpton, Congressional Black Caucus etc as usual are completely silent. Had anyone else done something like this not connected to the socialist party they would be calling for their heads.

Grayson is one of the most disgusting vile politicians in DC. Once in a blue moon he will have a moment of sanity and clarity then go right back to the vitriol. Lets not forget as the Lt Col points out the KKK was the creation of the democrat party It’s mind-boggling how the people of FL will vote guys like Grayson into power while keeping others like West out.