Glenn Becks Origin of the Muslim Brotherhood Leaves Out the First 26yrs!

Well a bit disappointed in the Muslim Brotherhood coverage on Beck today… he left out the first 26 years! So I did some searching and found this link to help some of you understand where they came from. The brotherhood (Ikhwan) came out of Egypt but originated in Saudi Arabia. They were known as Wahhabis…

(Please keep in mind Im touching the surface here, there is more to it I encourage you to do your homework. I will try to update this post in the future with any info I think will be of use. The link above demonstrated a good timeline of events)

Its key to understand that they came from Saudi Arabia as everything that takes place involves them from the gas in our cars to the 9/11 hijackers! In the early 20th when American and Saudi relations were just starting up, yes yes because of discovering oil while Americans were exploring for water, the Wahhabis, hardcore islamic religious extremists, objected to this relation between east and west and created a lot of problems in the Kingdom to say the least. The Wahhabis objected to Americans being on arab soil and the influence of western culture including that influence on the monarchy. Wahhabis wanted Saudis to stay true to islam but they were being drawn into American culture. The Wahhabis were eventually kicked out of the Kingdom and went to Egypt spreading their influence throughout the region as far as into Turkey to eventually become the Muslim Brotherhood!!

This is all pre-1928, why Glenn didnt cover this I cant tell you? This is incredibly important on many fronts 1) again 19 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi 2) Glenn himself during todays GBTV show said Turkey will be a problem, potentially the center of the caliphate 3) Glenn has made it abundantly clear that if the Saudis go down its game over for everyone. This radical fundamentalism of the brotherhood is all tied to the Saudis which the world is now held at gun point because of oil!

So yea when people complain and say ‘its all because of oil’ they are partially right. It was the relationship that resulted from the discovery of oil. It was the presence of non muslims on arab soil that enraged these religious extremists. American culture influencing Saudi to this day away from their ancient radical heritage is what enrages the extremists. So there ya go. Someone ought to forward this to Ron Paul because he seems to think its all started in ’53 with our “support” of the Shah in Iran and our intervention all over the middle east. No Sorry Ron its because of our influence and going into business with the Saudis that started it!