Mark Levin is Back and Has Some Choice Words for Ron Paul, His Supporters and Obama

The Great One is back and was on fire today!

“if Ron Paul decides that he is going to go third party, which is detrimental to this nation, and pools a million votes, which is relatively insignificant in the big scheme of things… I will do everything in my power to defeat his son (Rand Paul) in Kentucky!”

“… I feel 4 more years of Obama, will be the death nail… the death nail in the heart of this country. As it is I don’t know if we can pull out…”

“Obamacare ultimately is about the enslavement of the individual citizen… what it is is tyranny!”

“… let me say this while I’m speaking, I’ve told you before if there ever was an imperial president it’s Barack Obama! He is the closest thing ladies and gentleman that we’ve had in the White House to a man with a dictatorial mindset than we even had!!”

Levin just goes on and on completely on fire… political porn!