Michael Savage on Escalating War Between Israel & Iran, Takes Call From Fmr Naval Officer That’s a Must Hear!

Former Navy Officer Lt Cmdr, “Jerry”, calls in (@4:45) and makes some incredible statements:

  • Saudi operatives are more than likely responsible for the deaths of several Iranian scientists.
  • Saudis are using America like Hessians.
  • Arab Spring is an Islamic world awakening.
  • Iran already has 5-7+ nuclear tipped missiles as of 2007 courtesy of China and N Korea… (This makes sense as to why China is backing Iran over the last few weeks)
  • We are on our way to a true modern world war…
  • Limited “nuclear war” … “its scary what I could tell you about what the war planners are looking at.. and we’re looking at a world war with a first strike by the Soviets possibly and the United States in response of course.. ’cause we would never preemptively do that.”
  • We are going to get hit… we are going to get hit hard

If this “Jerry” is even fractionally correct bad times are coming! Please share this!