Radical Left & Obama Media Are Opportunists To Use Tragic Deaths To Advance Their Agenda

As witnesses and new video emerges the radical left & Obama Stream Media continues to capitalize at every opportunity. Trayvon was nothing but an opportunity to politicize a tragic death and push an agenda. An agenda to divide this nation and create crisis where this radical regime will eventually step-in through new laws and/or regulations. Demonize those who speak out on the “other side” pushing political correctness to make those who will speak in defense of someone like George Zimmerman to hide their identity… oh wait they already are…

Remember this video?

Do you know what story those reporters were arrested for? They were arrested when attempting to report on 6-year-old Aliyah Shell.

Aliyah Shell was murdered in front of her home after a drive by shooting in Chicago by two gang members MONSTERS! (They don’t deserve to be called animals, animals do not murder in cold blood.) 49 people were shot where Aliyah was one of 10 fatally shot over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Did you know that? Of course not because there is no story there to the race baiting radical left.

Where is the outrage over Aliyah’s death or the others killed and shot? Was Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan and the Panthers in Chicago protesting Aliyah’s murder? Seems there was a bigger outrage over the police officer saying ‘your first amendment rights can be terminated..’ than why the reporters were there in the first place!

Have you heard anyone up in arms over the beating of a hispanic teen by 7 black teens in Palmdale, CA? The video of the attack was even on YouTube but quickly pulled down because of the ongoing investigation. NO, of course you haven’t heard of it, because with black on hispanic there’s no “tragedy” that is marketable by the radical left.

George on Trayvon, white hispanic(?) on a young black teen, now you’ve got a story! A gun-toting “white man” out on a vigilante run shoots a black teen carrying Skittles and Arizona Tea (listen to his 911 call there is no indication Zimmerman knew that). Now there’s a story the racist radicals running free in the country can capitalize off of and they did. On the surface it looks like a white on black shooting, then we find out Zimmerman is half hispanic and a registered democrat. Does the Obama media report any of that? NO.

Trayvon and George are nothing but opportunities for those hell-bent on destroying this country. This is perfect example to what myself and many refer to when we urge others to “get out of the Matrix” take a step back and put the puzzle pieces together. When you do that you can see the agenda as clear as day.

That agenda is to show the current system in place doesn’t work, there is no social/ equal justice. Guns and current laws on the books are bad. Its republicans, GOP, Bush’s, TEA Party etc fault. Just more opportunity to chip away at Americans because now you have radicals in place looking to take the law into their hands. They create a crisis, heck some are calling for outright violence and race riots; bottom up folks! Bottom up will push until people will run to the government for a solution. The progressive puzzle pieces connect and then someday you will wake up to find America is not the same country you grew up in and it’s too late to do something about it! You cannot sit by and be silent. You must speak out challenge people on the issues even if its bosses, co-workers, friends and family. The left is winning because they have you scared to speak out. Better use your right to free speech folks before one day that right like the majority under the Constitution under full attack is gone!