Survivalist Held Up in Bunker Reportedly Dead

If you haven’t heard a survivalist killed his wife and daughter, set their home a blaze and was hiding out in his bunker. Not really covering the story on this but I wanted to make something clear about how the OSM (Obama Stream Media) is handling it.

All the OSM is making it clear that this guy, Peter A. Keller, was a survivalist, preparing for the end of the world since 2004. They are also pointing out the provisions he had from weapons to having power in this bunker of his, to his dislike towards the government etc. All these things are also tagged with the now popular preppers; thanks to the two tv shows Doomsday Preppers & Doomsday Bunkers.

If you are a prepper you need to be on extra guard. DO NOT advertise or brag to anyone you prep. The 2 tv shows on prepping have individuals who are setting themselves up to be watched and investigated. One individual a few months ago featured on Doomsday Preppers has already had his weapons seized over mental illness claims.

IMO a narrative will be painted on those who prep as a result of this tragic event involving Keller. They will be treated at the least as on the edge extremists, considered armed and dangerous. True diehard preppers probably know better and keep quiet on their activities but the OSM is taking prepping mainstream. Even Glenn Beck when he was on Fox had a detailed show on it. I remember asking afterwards “did he just take prepping mainstream”?