CNN’s 92-yr-old Civil Rights Activist Says Voter ID Law MAY Prevent Her From Voting

I’ve never heard from any of these civil rights activists whining when they have had to produce ID to:
– Drive a car
– Buy liquor/ cigarettes
– Opening a bank account
– Pay by check or credit card (some places do card you even if you use a cc)
– Cash a check
– Getting a PO Box
– Buy/ rent a house
– Buy/ rent a car
– Buy a gun
– Buy insurance
– Going through security at the airport
– Getting into a night club
– Gambling in a casino (if you look young!)
– Obtaining a marriage license
– Applying for state services (welfare/food stamps/ unemployment)
etc etc etc

So when these poor poor discriminated people being asked to produce ID to vote start whining about all these other things maybe… just maybe I’ll give them a second thought. As of now all I hear are people trying to weasel their way into finding a way to vote as many times as possible!