Farrakhan: Soon Whites ‘Will Be Minority’ in Country They ‘Took’

America used trickery take Mexican land….
Louie is at it again! This clown is so desperate to start fight in this country he is now trying to play on ILLEGAL ALIENS! Oh sorry Louie you don’t like the word ALIEN how about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?!

I’ll probably get some heat for saying this but so be it. This land was conquered by superior forces who identified its rich resources and built the greatest nation on the planet! Many like LOUIE have a problem with this and I don’t care. Europeans were sailing the seas, creating new innovative technologies, culture etc etc what other nation or culture accomplished so much? It’s not like America was plundered stripped of all its resources and left a wasteland! No free thinking freedom loving, capitalists came here to make something for themselves and blood was shed in the process. All the things people like LOUIE take advantage of is as a result of conquest!

As for whites being minorities, well that what happens when people for the most part are responsible and aren’t reproducing offspring, like rabbits, they can’t care for expecting someone else to do it for them!