Panetta: Obama Has Authority to Override Congress to Declare War

And people want to screw around this election with frivolous third party runs, write-ins or be spiteful because their guy/gal didn’t win in the primaries to say “I won’t vote”. Hey guess what!? The guy I wanted isn’t in the election either, but if the GOP nomination is a shoe I’ll vote for it against Obama before I throw my vote away as many are planning on doing just to make a statement. Every single one of you who chooses not to support the GOP nomination are nothing but votes for Obama.

If you get your way and the election were held today this is what it might look like:
Obama gets 40% of the votes
GOP nominee 36% of the votes
Third Party, write-ins etc 24% of the votes
= Obama second term
You think what he has done the last three and a half years was bad?! What this nightmare will do in a second term will dwarf what he has done.

This is one election you cannot f-k around with. I and many get it about sticking to your guns and principles but do you really want four more years of Obama? (Some I know will answer “yes” to this in sticking to their guns, well YOU’RE NUTS!) Keep it up putting individuals ahead of the nation.