Jesse Jackson on “Batman” Massacre: “We Must Move From Prayer & Condolences To Policy”

I knew it was just a matter of time until Jackson would open his big uninformed uneducated mouth.

Lets gets something abundantly clear. The shooter was armed with an AR-15, a SEMI-automatic rifle. AR-15’s are NOT assault rifles! Assault rifles can fire multiple rounds with one trigger pull, semi-automatics can only fire one round with one trigger pull. They look like them, they fire the same ammo but mechanically they are totally different. Assault rifles also cost THOUSANDS of dollars, primarily sold to law enforcement, military and holders of Class III license(buying & selling) or to those with NFA approval which require extensive application process through the ATF.

Is Jackson or any of the bias dangerous Obama Stream Media aware of this? Jackson NO, the OSM YES!!! They lie to the public to push an anti-gun agenda. I knew with the media including Fox constantly calling the weapon an assault rifle this would happen.

Be prepared for your gun rights to come under attack and you can be damn sure if the Emperor gets re-elected guns will be REGULATED, via Cass Sunstein, right out of the hands of responsible gun owners. Read it again, they will be regulated not legislated, or Executive Order will be used.

Cass Sunstein, Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, is probably one of the most dangerous people in this nation with the amount of power he has. Regulations do not require Congressional approval and Cass is the one writing the regs!