Unemployment Rate UP to 8.3% – REAL Rate UP to “15%”

WRONG boys the real unemployment rate is 23%!

As I have said and will continue to say we are in a Stealth Depression. You are being lied to America, the powers that be know if they use the “D” word markets will collapse. So instead they suggest we are at “risk of recession”, “still in a recession” or “are in a double dip recession”.

Look, in the 30’s life went on those that had carried on, spent a little wiser but lived their lives. Those that fell victim to the depression had it tough for a while but life went on. People still had food to eat, homes, jobs, cars etc while those who fell victim to the depression had none of that. Today for some unknown reason they want to hide our dire state of the economy with lies, stimulus’ and bailouts.

Some of you may be wondering “what stealth depression, what are you babbling about?” Unemployment, food lines etc and Hoovervilles have all been replaced by progressive unsustainable social entitlement programs. The progressives have put countless social programs in place to remove the imagery from the 30’s. Consider all the programs of today and also think back to the 30’s and how bad off people were. Keep that idea in your head now add to that credit card debt, 1st, 2nd even 3rd mortgages, car loans/leases and other personal debt of today to that idea. These things were not on the backs of those down and out in the 30’s. That fact alone should be alarming to most as we have more debt today than what people had during the 30’s depression!!!

Now can you start to see why I call it a Stealth Depression?!