DNC Chair Torn Apart Over Removal Of Jerusalem From Platform

Wow she is doing one heck of a LOUSY job trying to dig herself out of a hole! If you missed what Anderson Cooper had to say you can watch it here. Going to take DWS a little longer to get her masters degree in Goebbels Propaganda 101. She claims the Emperor is a strong supporter of Israel that is a lie. Wanting to go back to the ’67 line aka Auschwitz line/ border is not support you bimbo

The only reason this was added back in, by the Emperors direction, is because it hit the wire that it was removed. Had this not been the top news topic yesterday he would have never known and it would still remain out.

There is also proof it was going to be put in regardless of how the delegates voted. The “nays” were in majority yesterday but that didn’t matter as it was already scripted to be a 2/3 majority….  … revealed last night on Hannity!