Hello Big Brother/Sister! Find What You’re Looking For?

Keep digging whatever it is you think is here that you’re looking for doesn’t exist! STR is about peaceful solutions within the rule of law. Actually you guys should be thanking me because for all we know someone completely unhinged came here cooled down and found safe ways to express themselves! I think I deserve a medal or an award or something!


Interestingly Big Bro/ Sis you seem to be very interested in my “There are no coincidences only illusions of coincidence” page. Thats the page where I feature a couple Glenn Beck episodes when he was with Fox News; “Tree of Revolution” and “Obama’s Connections”. These videos are where Beck breaks down all the radical ties of your boss! From his early days being mentored by known communist Frank Marshall Davis up until recent! Hope you at lease watched the two shows to learn about him and all his interesting friends!

You guys at DHS are looking for potential threats, hints of uprisings, people looking to revolt or some other nonsense in pathetic attempts to recreate 1968?! All you have to do is go to an Occupy Wall Street site or some communist/ anarchist websites and you will find all you need. You know the guys that trashed office buildings, banks, parks, pooped on police cars, raping and killing people or those groups oddly tied to your boss who encouraged those twits to do those acts I just listed.

Better yet there this group called the New Black Panther Party who are flat out calling for a race war! They want to go into hospitals and throw firebombs into nurseries killing white infant babies, they issued bounties wanting to lynch people who defended themselves with deadly force! Why don’t you go deal with them?

You see the NBPP, Occupy, communists, socialists, unions, anarchists, certain college professors, union heads etc, they are the ones who are going to be starting real trouble in this country! Folks like myself offering new solutions to fight the political war are harmless! Otherwise you should be looking into the DNC and all their surrogates because they are engaged in some nasty tactics… I use that word since you have interest in my Tactics page as well!

Oh! STR fans reading this take note DHS is ACTIVELY trolling sites like the Blaze! Heres the proof!

So some of you out there you need to watch what you say. I have read some scary stuff on many sites, if you think they aren’t watching you, you are gravely mistaken.