NSA Spying on All Americans

Everything you are doing is being tracked right now! All that information is being/going to be stored in a data storage facility the size of 5 US Capitols that is being built in Utah!

Started under Bush but when asked if Obama is worse, the same etc “actually Obama has significantly expanded the secrecy regime. In fact I’ve spoken with some Bush officials, former Bush officials and they’re saying whoa we never could have gotten away that during our time in office.”

Walk with me for a minute in crazy ville. This facility they say is still run by hand, “interrogated .. by specific targets”. In other words someone has to go in and search for certain criteria. There is no artificial intelligence (AI) that anticipates or is actively searching for certain individuals or criteria in place right now. Now Google is actively building that AI, and Google is in bed with the government. Haven’t you noticed when you input a search it already knows what you are looking for?! Is it safe to assume the govt will eventually get access to this AI and apply it to the Utah facility?