Obama: This Election Closer Than The Last

Listen to what he says in this!! The lies and propaganda machine in full force! Almost every line coming out of his mouth is deceitful or complete contradiction to what he is actually doing!

Anyone.. ANYONE (incl those who USE the constitution in every other sentence of their rhetoric) considering third-party run or attempts to torpedo this election for the GOP will be to blame if Obama gets a second term. We cannot have a close election. It must be a decisive win, a repeat of 2000 election will literally tear this nation apart.

It’s going to be Romney v Obama… I know ppl don’t want to hear it, NOR DO I, but that’s the deal that’s what we got! You don’t like it blame your friends, family, co-workers etc who did nothing during the primaries. We can handle 1, O N E term of Romney, we will NOT SURVIVE another 4 years of Obama and his radical agenda.