Islamic Journalist Mona Eltahawy Arrested for Vandalizing AFDI Pro-Freedom Poster

I’m looking at this poster, by Pamela Geller‘s, American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and I’m not seeing anything offensive, other than it posting the truth about radical islam. This would make it offensive I guess to those who sympathize with radical islam like Mona Eltawhawy. If you have seen what true islam does to the “infidel” you will know for a fact this ad is beyond nice. Where is the racism in it?

Calling a group who act like savages, savage is racist??

So this nut, Eltahawy’s, logic of freedom of expression is vandalism? Then she whines the typical liberal rant when she is being carted away “this is what happens in America when you non violently protest”. Yea lady you have right to protest but nowhere in that thing called the Bill of Rights does it say you can trample on another’s freedom of speech with can of spray paint! Hypocrite! So typical of leftists!

Oh and to answer your question, Mona, why you’re being arrested? IMO for assault, destruction of property and vandalism!

Here is the view of the confrontation from blogger, aka victim, Pamela Hall’s perspective.