Romney Caught On Tape At Fundraiser, Sorry Lefty Loons No Smoking Gun

So I decided to post this vid as well as the other floating around of failed gotcha moments from a Romney fundraiser speech to get them out in the open because there is no smoking gun.

This guy is clean, this is the best they can come up with to try to smear him. This is nothing but a diversion off of the Emperors failures. Stay the course

This is the clip the left is drooling over right now, where Mitt is telling the truth about the 47% of mindless entitlement drones who will vote for the Emperor because they want everything for free and pay no income taxes.

This next clip is where he talks about when he was with Bain and they went to China. Gotcha moment is suppose to be praising slave labor but in reality they were happy about how fortunate they are to be Americans.