Obama: I Will Use Every Power of My Office to Push Gun Control

Uh huh and what proposal will they come up with to make criminals start following whatever rules, regs, laws they come up with?! I assume they are also going to go into crazyville in trying to create some sort of Minority Report to find those mentally unstable people that commit these crimes?

No law is going to stop a crazy person from doing some heinous act. The lefts insane solution to solve the problem is ban weapons. Are they going to ban wood too because I’ve seen plenty of kids make weapons out of sticks! Are they going to ban tools? I’ve seen horrific images of people killed with tools! In a sick way I keep hoping there is another high profile story but the killer uses a car, over the counter chemicals found in any store, a frying pan or something!!

All you lefty loons are doing is disarming people who are responsible but more importantly capable of stopping these monsters. As far as I’m concerned those responsible for gun free zones should be held responsible for every shooting that takes place in one of these zones. I’d like to see some serious civil lawsuits against owners of business, counties etc that endorse gun free zones by victims or families of victims!