AMC TV Pulls “Walking Dead” Marathon Bombards Viewers With Content Warnings

Is nothing sacred anymore? You try to enjoy a day off from this nightmare reality we live in only to have that little piece of entertainment taken away!

AMC has scrubbed the “The Walking Dead” marathon and replaced it with “Mad Max” and other programs. The entire series was to be aired over the New Years holiday. Viewers, trying to enjoy sometime off and escape this nightmare reality we live in, were surprised to see only season three aired late New Years Eve. During the broadcast New Years Eve the network blasted viewers with content warnings and a PSA from one of the shows stars, Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon). To make matters worse the network has continued bombarding viewers with content warnings that the programs being shown contain violence and may be offensive.

Needless to say fans of the series are livid blowing up AMC and Walking Dead Facebook pages. Viewers are expressing their anger but more importantly stating their condolences for the Newtown shooting, which of course is the networks motive. Many write about personal responsibility and that mental illness needs to be addressed not canning a fictional tv series marathon that is for adults!

Sorry I’m a bit lost what does killing zombies have to do with a school massacre or any other shooting? I mean if some nut went out one day and started bashing people’s heads in screaming the zombies are attacking I’d get it! Where is the connection, or is it just the fact now that anything with guns and blood in it is now considered a danger to watch? When is this going to be enough? When will those in power realize they cannot control what we see or hear as pre-emptive attempt to thwart violence? Why do people of this country… no.. why do sane, law-abiding people get punished for the actions of a fraction of a percentage of the population be it tv programming or new laws?

This is political correctness on steroids. Is this where we are going now that we cannot watch fiction television because it might offend someone? When did the needs of the few or the one, outweigh the needs of many?

I don’t really care if you are a fan or not of the “The Walking Dead”, this is about principle and how basic freedoms are under attack. So badly under attack a network feels the need to change programming, following a horrific tragedy, and then “lecture” it’s viewer about the programming they are watching. Wake up AmeriKa before you awake one day to find that even Sesame Street has been yanked off the air over its content!
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