Piers Morgan Spews More Misinformation on Gun Control

FYI this is a teaser for the degenerates show tonight to get ratings. As little as they are they have a big influence on the drone army.

This POS tell more lies than you can keep track of during this interview. Yes this is the same Brooke Baldwin that got her ass handed to her by Dr. Gratia Hupp! I would love to see this pompous ass have Lt Col Dave Grossman on and the guy from the Choose Your Own Crime Stats vid, that is going viral right now.

This man in my opinion is dangerous because of the reach he has with a national cable show. The influence he and many like him has over the weak-minded has gotten this nation into the level of trouble we are in.

It’s not a joke anymore I want this POS kicked out of this country for attempts to subvert the US Constitution. You can be damn sure if this was Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck talking ike this all hell would be breaking loose right now. That my friends IS YOUR FAULT! You sit silent and do nothing when the left does things you damn well know they would start a riot over. Your insistence to be silent and complacent has done nothing but empower hardcore radicals in positions of power to influence the masses.