Rush Interviews Marco Rubio on Immigration Reform

Don’t you find it odd that all of a sudden DC is pushing immigration reform when they have been borderline psycho over gun control? Watch the other hand folks this is probably a smokescreen.

As for this proposal to reward illegals for breaking our laws to get here I have many problems with it. 1) stop calling them undocumented, they are illegally in the US. 2) the border is wide open you could park an aircraft carrier across it and no one would notice. So first lock down the border then maybe we can talk about what to do with those who are here illegally.

I find whats being proposed an insult to those who bent over backwards to get in this country. People like my great grandparents on my mother’s side who came over from Italy, at the turn of the early 20th century, entering this nation legally via Ellis Island. They did everything that was expected of them to become citizens. They went on created businesses and even in their own home spoke english. And then there’s my father who not only came here by the book in the 60’s with nothing, he had to have my mother’s father “sign” for him that he had a job and would be productive, but he also had to take classes learn this country’s history, speak and write in english to eventually take his citizens oath in english.

I don’t see or hear of any of that with all the proposals being thrown out there. When I hear politicians swearing assimilation is a must then maybe they will have my ear but not until then. This is nothing but a ploy to get votes.