Navy SEAL Schools Piers Morgan on Gun Control: ‘More of a Mental Health Issue’

Lefties care so much about people they are avoiding the real issue, mental health, at all costs since it doesn’t sit with their gun grabbing agenda.

Morgan is such a liar he has no respect for the Second Amendment or the Constitution. If he did he would not be on this crusade to have Americans disarmed. Take note of the narrative now in play that all we “need” is a shotgun!

Take note, not a pump shotgun let alone a semi-auto shotgun, the left is talking about people only being armed with a double-barreled shotgun!

Morgan then pushes his same old lies about crime rates dropping. This pompous ass is an expert in propaganda!

What Morgan and the rest of the gun grabbers cease to accept Denver points out “…evil finds a way, bad finds a way…”.