Harry Reid: Voting to Save Lives is ‘More Important Than Preventing Imagined Tyranny’

“I’ll vote for the ban because maintaining the law and order is more important than satisfying conspiracy theorists who believe in black helicopters and false flags… I’ll vote for the ban because saving the lives of police officers, young and old, and innocent civilians, young and old, is more important than preventing imagined tyranny.”

Not a conspiracy theory you idiot! It was a legitimate fear the Founders had and knew would come again by people JUST LIKE YOU AND YOUR BOSS! The people being armed to go up against the police and military was deliberate you stupid arrogant progressive!

Here we go, they are making anyone who is in opposition to the gun bill a crazy conspiracy theorist. Well I guess that’s me then and the millions of Americans who feel the same way. Health care, banking, auto industry, ramming laws regulations and taxes down our throats along with going after our rights to “keep and bear arms” sure as hell looks like tyranny to me!

Get hold of your Senator(s) and tell them to vote against all anti-gun/ anti-Second Amendment bills!