NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Reacts to Connecticut’s Strict New Gun Law

So wonderful to see state after state passing anti-Constitutional laws over emotions and lack of education. Criminals do not follow the law, they never will. All these laws will do is make law-abiding citizens into criminals because many will refuse to comply with these un-Constitutional laws.

If someone wants to front the costs of ammo and range time I will do a video showing magazine capacity is irrelevant. Whether it’s 15/ 10 round magazines or 5/ 30 round magazines firing at a high rate of speed while moving at targets in multiple positions the clock will show only a slight variance. Punishing 50-70 million law-abiding gun owners for the acts of not even a fraction of a percentage point (criminals and loons) is insane.

I will continue to scream this until I’m blue in the face we need the ammo manufacturers to take a stand and stop supplying all these anti-2A states and federal agencies. Guns in the people’s hands or government are useless without the ammo. The ammo makers hold the keys to this entire debate and they are not beholden to the government.

All you politicians out there who are anti-Second Amendment enjoy your time in office. Your days of violating your oath of office are numbered.