Bill Maher and Lawrence O’Donnell Blow Up on Panelists Over Guns: Second Amendment Won’t Protect You From Tyranny

Now according to Pig Maher and O’Donnell the Second Amendment won’t protect you from tyranny. What they cannot comprehend in their small brains is it’s about an ideology of being free not the individual, allowing the people to arm themselves is an extension of maintaining that ideology of freedom.

Two cases in point many won’t like hear about but try telling arming yourself won’t protect you from tyranny to the Vietnamese and the Afghan (especially) people! In Vietnam we threw almost everything we had at them and “they were just a bunch of farmers with AK-47’s“. As for Afghanistan every major conventional army has marched into that country since Alexander the Great and look who is still there! Both withstood great armies because of their ideology (idea) of freedom….

Ideas don’t fail, bleed, feel pain, love or die...

Lawrence O’Donnell tells an outright lie about gun ownership, it is not declining! The number of background checks since 0bama seized power has broken one record after another year after year. Gun and ammunition sales are off the charts, it’s not the same people doubling, tripling or “collecting more guns”! Have you tried to buy a gun or ammo lately? Some gun stores are actually laying people off because there is no inventory to sell due to high demand, no sales no money to pay your employees. Gun and ammo manufacturers cannot keep up with demand. These are all facts now tell me gun ownership is declining!