Bill Clinton: Gun Groups Try to ‘Terrify’ People Living in the Country

Oh Billy Boy you told another lie, gun shows run background checks and so do online dealers! Private sales between individuals is not and gun owners are getting quite tired of progressives twisting the truth. We know you want us to run checks on our family members and close friends when there is a sale or gifting of a weapon, so why don’t you come right out and say it!?

Why is the OSM (Obama Stream Media) bringing up gun control again and why are they asking Clinton? Wouldn’t have anything to do with the influence Billy has on the emperor? I mean he shamed 0bama over Syria and now his majesty will officially be sticking the US’s nose into someone else’s business. With everything going on now would be the perfect time to push gun laws down the nations throat with all the scandals taking place and the threat of an ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty bill going through. After all Bill Clinton is an expert of diversions when a presidency is in trouble!!