Obama Plans Climate Change Diversion From Scandals and Immigration

The regime is at it again! I received the email (below) today from the one of the divisions of the regimes Office of Propaganda, Organizing for America. They are in full campaign mode once again slamming twitter as well.

Stay the course! Do not allow this pathetic attempt to change the news cycle off of the imperial regimes scandals and desire to legalize criminals who broke our laws to come into this country.

Climate change is a joke, it has been proven to be a lie the data manipulated. People this planet flourishes off of CO2, without we are dead! This science they claim “is fact” is based on of data generated by models from biased researchers vs actual data points taken over decades by those calling climate change a farce.

This is a typical from students of Alinsky. They are hitting us from every angle now keeping our attention off their attempts to destroy the Republic. Right now our priorities must be on stopping the ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty bill (RubioCare). The IRS, DOJ, and other scandals must take a step back in our priorities, for now. We have to defeat RubioCare it’s the biggest threat to our economy and security.

Obama to Announce Sweeping New Powers on Tuesday – Will Regulate Power Plants to Save Planet from ‘Global Warming’




Now, this is huge news:

President Obama is set to announce his plan this week to address the growing threat of climate change.

We’ll know more specifics on Tuesday, but it’s expected he’ll offer a bold, national approach to reducing carbon pollution — and lay out a vision to lead global efforts to fight climate change.

The powerful, well-financed forces who still deny the science behind climate change aren’t going to like this — and they’ll be fighting this progress every step of the way. In fact, before he’s even seen the plan, House Speaker John Boehner is calling it “absolutely crazy.”

That’s why President Obama is calling on all of us — anyone who believes that climate change is a threat — to join him in taking action right now.

Add your name today — say you’ll do your part to help fight climate change:


Thanks — more on this soon.


Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action