Sen Rubio Makes Final Pitch to TEA Party & Conservative Critics of Immigration Bill on Senate Floor

This guy is a student of McCain, Graham, Schumer and Durbin, his credibility is gone. He did a complete 180 from his stance on immigration when he was campaigning for the Senate. The people of this country are tired of the grandstanding hearing one thing while RINO’s do the complete opposite.

We do not want to hear about ILLEGAL ALIENS legalized first and then border security after. Ironic Rubio talks about seeing the games played in DC as he is now part of that game! You progs did it to Pres Reagan in 1986, that same mistake will not be made again. The only bill we want is a bill that shuts the border down, reigns in the visa program and enforces the laws already on the books. NO ONE asked you and the Gang of 8 to rewrite our immigration laws where favors to special interests are addressed and American citizens are sent to the back of the bus while the border is left open at the discretion of the DHS Secretary.

You are a failure! I hope you enjoyed your time in the Senate Marco because a primary challenge IS COMING!