Valerie Jarrett on Calls For Holder Resignation: He Will Be In His Position For Quite a While

Well now there ya go! Valerie Jarrett, who IMO is really running the WH, has made it abundantly clear Holder isn’t going anywhere!

What we need out of solid Constitutional Congressional members like Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz etc is a new Two Thirds Amendment to remove someone holding Cabinet appointed position or a corrupt/ out of use department like the IRS! Like we need Two Thirds vote on Constitutional Amendments and Treaties let’s do the same when we have individuals and departments completely out of control where sitting presidents will not act due to their bias. Making it a two thirds vote will mean it will not be something abused by one party over another.

Our system is supposed to be one of system and checks. What good is it if we cannot reign in areas of government completely defying the will of the people, violating law/Constitution?