Obama’s NSA Collecting Phone Data on Massive Scale

Oh my my there are articles galore out today about the NSA collecting phone data from Verizon (not just them btw)!

This is not news.

Why are you surprised? Have you been living under a rock? What do you think the data center, the size of 5… F I V E US Capitols was built in Utah for?

There are plenty of people and sites warning about this aside from the general concern over the Patriot Act. I have had the Glenn Beck episode with NSA whistleblowers on STR for over year warning about this! I was well aware of this monitoring before it was even talked about on Beck’s show.

An online war gaming buddy of mine tipped me off in 2009 one night during a phone call when I casually started talking political about immigration! He said “did you hear that click?” I said “no?” My friend went on to say the call is being recorded because the system picked up on a flagged word. So the skeptic I am was like “uh huh sure”. My friend went on to explain himself that his wife works for the government and was applying for new position/ promotion that apparently requires some serious background investigation. I was still the skeptic and our discussion went on as usual then we ended the call. We had another conversation a few days later where again I get asked “did you hear the click?”. I kinda did but it wasn’t something really distinct, I just assumed it was background noise you hear on long distance calls. My friend reiterated what he said the other night but added that following our first conversation his wife came home from work and gave him hell! He said she was asked about who her husband talks to etc!! Now my friend also stated this listening system is automated, it has keywords that flag the system to record calls and they go into a database. Once in the database what’s suppose to happen is someone listens to it to find whether it’s something of value or not, and if not the file is deleted. My own family thought/thinks (for all I know) I am wacky about our lines being tapped after I warned them following this conversation I had with my gaming buddy. I even noticed on a call to a family member hearing a clear clicking sound the moment a certain imperial emperors name was mentioned, where I ended up saying “did you hear that click”?! With all this news out am I still the crazy one in the family I don’t know, but the facts back me up!

Now if you have been following any of this it should sound familiar! This is what Bill Binney and other whistleblowers from the NSA have been working on for a long time which confirmed everything I was told in 2009! Big Brother has taken it to a new level where they are storing it all vs deleting anything while an artificial intelligence system is built to analyze it. That data, those Verizon calls cited in countless articles today are being stored at the Utah data collection center.

We tinfoil hats about phones being tapped were right, and you do realize your email is scrubbed too right? Watch what you do and say folks Big Brother (Big Sister aka Janet Napolitano) is listening!

So people are all up in arms today on every site I visit. I say SHAME ON YOU for not listening to people like myself and giving sites like STR the time of day!

When I post something regardless what it is I suggest YOU SHARE IT because everything is relevant at this point. If you are not sharing material then people are not aware of STR Tactics etc which leaves me left to ask WHY ARE YOU HERE?

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